Axel Froborg

Software Engineer and Freelance developer


Full-stack developer and freelancer with experience in software engineering and a passion for delivering high-quality, functional applications. Proficient in various programming languages and experienced in working with various technology stacks.

Employment History

Development Engineer at Inter IKEA Systems B.V

  • Collaborated as a full-stack developer to build the platform.
  • Constructed skeleton pages utilizing Svelte and populated them with content retrieved from a personalized Strapi solution.
  • Utilized Terraform to implement cloud infrastructure on Azure.
  • Employed Agile methodologies to ensure on-time project completion.

Merchant Integration Specialist at CDON

  • Offered guidance to developers regarding API design and integration of API connections between CDON and merchants.
  • Maintained documentation relevant to the aforementioned integrations.

Volunteer Work

Software Engineer at E-Sektionen inom TLTH

  • Responsible for infrastructure and development in the guild.
  • Rebuilt using SvelteKit and TailwindCSS.
  • Produced backend microservices with an assortment of technologies including Node.js, Go, and Rust.
  • Constructed a customized OAuth2 server for authentication and authorization purposes.

Driverless Software Engineer at Lund Formula Student

  • Part of the Driverless formula student subteam.
  • Implemented state estimation ROS nodes to monitor the speed and steering angle of the car.


IoT Engineer at E.ON

  • Building a Grafana datasource plugin for loading as well as aggregating datapoints and measurement data.


M.Sc. Electrical Engineering at Lunds Tekniska Högskola

Expected graduation: June 2025

Swe: Civilingenjörsexamen i Elektroteknik.

Studying Electrical Engineering with a master in Software Development.

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